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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stuff from the Cutting Room Floor.

Hey, gang. here's some stuff that got squeezed out of the Ragmop GN. Thought you'd like to have a look.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Jeff Brown said...

Rob -

Glad to hear I can get my hands on the finished story! I've never been a comic book fan per se, but was a big Cerebus fan & picked up other stuff that looked fit for adults from time to time. Ragmop was one of the few things that genuinely grabbed me & I was disappointed when I thought I'd never see the story finished. When Sim retired from Cerebus I "retired" from visiting comics shops(having basically not found anything else ongoing that I really liked in 20 years), but will gladly come out of "retirement" to pick up a copy of the full Ragmop story. And I'll also be glad to stop in for any other stories you want to tell - I hope to see more comics from you, but if it's not in the cards thanks from a fan for following through and finishing up on this one.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Rob Walton said...

Thanks Jeff.
No one was more gratified to see Ragmop completed than yours truly. I constantly stand in awe of fate and whether or not our lives are directed by higher forces either in the divine realm or that of a wiser sub-conscioius. Had I attempted to complete Ragmop in '97 it would no doubt have been a disappointment. It took seven years and the failure of my marriage to the equally divine Ms Lucy to give me the wisdom to draw upon to write the concluding 100 pages of the story. My directorial and pot production editing experience at Nelvana also sharpened my storytelling ability and enabled me to re-edit the entire book into a more unified and tighter narrative. As important was the change of the times. I see clearly that Ragmop was ten years ahead of its time and that the book is truly found its home in 2006 as opposed to 1996. For me the wait was definitely worth it. I trust the case will prove the same for you and the other readers who have waited along with us.

Peace to all.

Rob Walton


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