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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ragmop Price List... Sort of...

Hello to all. For those of you who have inquired after the original art in Ragmop I'm still trying to figure out a fair market for my work. That said most pages that don't include dinosaurs or that aren't splash pages will be priced at $100. The dinosaur pages will be slightly higher ($125?) and some splash pages will start around $150 depending on the content. The pinup pages I'm listing for $200. Pages 8-16 (drawn at 11 x 16.6)and page 128 are likewise $200.

As I said this is all tentative as I try to establish a place for my original art in the market and what I feel is a fair return for my labor. I'm open to negotiation especially if you'd like to purchase more than one page. Or you can just jolly well tell me where to go.

Rob Walton


At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya Rob!

Pencil me in, for a tentative kick-in-the-pants.. I'm open to negotiating. We can make it TWO kicks, if you'd like!
Just kidding..
But you CAN jolly well go for a jump in the Lake, if you'd like..

Okay, enough monkeyshines.. Hope you sell a ton of artwork, man!

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Blammo said...

Great to see Ragmop finally complete!
Hope you are well.

Yer Pal,
Jason Groh;)


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