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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stuff from the Cutting Room Floor.

Hey, gang. here's some stuff that got squeezed out of the Ragmop GN. Thought you'd like to have a look.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Order Ragmop online from Panel to Panel!

Did your poopy retailer not order Ragmop? Fear not! You can order your copy from me old pal John Rovnak at his online store Panel To Panel! I'll be doing an exclusive bookplate deal with him. He makes the plates, I sign em, he puts em in the book, you get it, all for less than cover price! Sounds too good to be true? This is not a dream! This is not an imaginary tale! Go! Go! Go! Order yer copy today! Or tomorrow if your day is already booked.

Follow the white rabbit to:


Hey guys and gals (and i do know for a fact that the gals read Ragmop), here's the cover for Ragmop sans color and masthead. My color files are too big to publish, but believe me for a first effort it's pretty good. Enjoy.


Initial Ragmop sales figures

Hey group! I got the initial sales figures for Ragmop and they leave me with some work to do. It's not a worst case scenario, but I'm also not giving up my day job as an unemployed storyboard artist either. I feel confident that when you all see the book and the knock-out design work that Jon Adams (Trurth Serum) did on the textual portions it will be something you'll be telling your friends about. BUT, if you were planning on giving generously this Christmas by including Ragmop in a few stockings, then you'd better tell your retailer to re-order because with only 627 copies out there in October I don't expect them to last long. I'm going to do my bit by printing enough to cover possible re-orders and beyond. So if you like the book start the word of mouth. I'll be covering the media and a few alternative distribution markets as well as hitting the convention circuit (not to mention starting the next project or two). With a little help from my friends we can make this tiny acorn of dissent flower into a mighty oak of malcontent. Or something like that. My best to you all. Peace in troubled times.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ragmop is Go!

Hey! To whomever is listening, or reading this... Although my website is no where in sight, Ragmop continues on schedule as the final stages of production wrap up before the book goes to the printer's. we're all very excited. Never at a loss for words, Steve Bissette handed in an eight page introduction to compliment Steve Darnall's Forward. Together with Jon Adam's Afterword they pretty well sum up everything RAGMOP. The book should be on sale the last week of October(if not sooner). Thank you to everyone for raising the level of anticipation for Ragmop's completion. Onwards and outwards.